The laboratories are functioned to provide educational and research work at the Chemistry Department.

The laboratory of organic and analytical chemistry and laboratory of colloid chemistry and high-molecular compounds chemistry are provided research work by teachers, post-graduates and students of the Department, as well as laboratory works in disciplines.

The laboratories are equipped with following equipment:

  • 11 fume hoods;
  • drying cabinet of SNOL 58/350;
  • vacuum drying oven;
  • Thermo Lab Line vacuum oven;
  • muffle furnace SNOL of 8,2/1100;
  • UV-Vis spectrophotometer ULAB 102-UV;
  • magnetic stirrer GL-3250 A;
  • laboratory scales TVE-0,21-0,001;
  • laboratory scales AD 500;
  • laboratory scales ANG 200/C;
  • electronic balances ЕМВ 220-1 KERN;
  • electric stove «Termia»
  • pH-meter;
  • ionometer I-160MI;
  • stereoscopic microscope MBS-10 with discrete magnification;
  • photocolorimeter KFK-2;
  • centrifuge CLN-2;
  • refractometer;
  • viscometer;
  • surface tension measuring device;
  • vacuum filtration equipments
  • muffle furnace for high-temperature synthesis;
  • ultra-precise analytical scales;
  • portable devices for express measurements;
  • titration apparatus
  • chromatography columns;
  • TLC plates;
  • vacuum filtration equipments;
  • laboratory equipment.