As of 2023, the department is staffed by:

Ivan Myroniuk – Head of the Department, Doctor of Chemical Sciences, Professor

Oleksandr Shyichuk – Doctor of Chemical Sciences, Professor

Serhii Kurta – Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor

Tetiana Tatarchuk – PhD, Associate Professor

Sofia Fedorchenko – PhD, Associate Professor

Ihor Mykytyn – PhD, Associate Professor

Olga Khatsevych – PhD

Liubov Soltys – PhD, head of educational laboratories

Maria Skladaniuk – PhD, leading engineer

Nadiia Kurta – engineer

Mariana Myslin – engineer

The staff of the department researches the following areas of science: 
  1. Photoactive nanoheterostructures based on titanium dioxide (Prof I. Myroniuk, Assoc. Prof. I. Mykytyn);
  2. Chemistry and technology of synthesis and study of the properties of urea-formaldehyde foams for thermal insulation materials (Prof. S. Kurta);
  3. Environmentally friendly technology and equipment for the utilisation, processing and recycling of waste – polymer-containing waste paper for thermal insulation materials (prof. S. Kurta);
  4. Magnetic hybrid metal oxide catalysts for water purification (Assoc. Prof. O. Shyychuk);
  5. Establishment of a soil analysis laboratory for monitoring and assessment of soil fertility of Ivano-Frankivsk ATC (Assoc. Prof. O. Khatsevych);
  6. New approaches to the use of magnesium chloride of natural and man-made origin (potash production waste) (Assoc. Prof. O. Khatsevych);
  7. Investigation of the properties of nanocomposites based on urea-formaldehyde resin (Assoc. Prof. S. Fedorchenko).
  • in 2020-2022, the research project “New photocatalytic systems based on heteronanostructured titanium dioxide” (Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, UAH 550 000) was carried out – headed by Prof. I. Myroniuk
  • in 2021-2023, the research project “Engineering of metal oxide catalysts with the function of activity regulation for hydroxoradical water disinfection” (Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, UAH 920 000) is being implemented – headed by Associate Professor T. Tatarchuk

In particular, the research led by the director of the centre, Tetiana Tatarchuk, and her team was included in a special issue of the journal Emergent Materials entitled «Women in Nanotechnology», which was dedicated to the scientific work of research groups led by women scientists from around the world

Tetiana Tatarchuk has been ranked among the top 2% of the world’s most cited scientists for two years in a row in 2021-2022 (the ranking was prepared by Stanford University in collaboration with Elsevier and SciTech Strategies).

In 2021, Nazariy Danyliuk won the competition for the best master’s thesis under the scholarship programme. His supervisor is Tetiana Tatarchuk, Associate Professor of the Department of Chemistry. In his master’s thesis “SMART-analysis as a rapid control of water quality and photocatalytic reaction kinetics”, Nazariy described SMART-analysis as a modern method of analysing water quality and photocatalytic reaction kinetics using a smartphone.

In 2021, Ivan Myroniuk was awarded the title of Honorary Professor of Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University.

Tetiana Tatarchuk received the award of the Mayor of Ivano-Frankivsk.

Ivanna Lapchuk  (student of the Department of Chemistry) received a scholarship from the well-known Foundation of the Institute of East European Studies (Republic of Poland) in the amount of USD 1000 and became a scholarship holder of the “Believe in Yourself” Charitable Foundation.

According to Resolution No. 6 of the Presidium of the Committee for State Prizes of Ukraine in Science and Technology dated 04 November 2022, a young scientist of Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University, Nazariy Danyliuk, a leading specialist of the Educational and Research Centre for Chemical Materials Science and Nanotechnology, a junior researcher of the topic “New photocatalytic systems based on heteronanostructured titanium dioxide”, a second-year postgraduate student majoring in Chemistry, became a scholarship holder of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

As of May 2023

The international database SCOPUS indexes more than 317 scientific publications (articles and chapters of monographs) of the department’s teachers, which have been cited more than 6660 times, which is proof of their high level.

articles Scopus h-index citation
Myroniuk І.F. 85 22 1594
Shyichuk О.V. 85 21 1552
Tatarchuk Т.R. 81 34 2982
Кurta S.А. 15 5 59
Mykytyn І.М. 23 7 397
Fedorchenko S.V. 20 5 73
Khatsevych О.М. 8 2 6
Soltys L.М. 5 4 73
Skladaniuk М.B. 2 1 1