It is very important for us, teachers of the chemistry department and executors of the grant project “Monitoring of environmental objects in the context of European integration”, to carry out both educational and practical work with the implementation of scientific ideas to ensure the environmental safety of our country. Therefore, we strive to attend such scientific conferences as the IV International Symposium “SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT – STATUS AND PERSPECTIVES” (Slavske 2024, February 13-16, 2024), to get acquainted with the latest developments of Ukrainian and foreign colleagues in the field of environmental and technological activities, to create valuable interdisciplinary connections and offer their developments that will help make the environment clean in Ukraine and contribute to the functioning of all European principles and standards at the time of its accession to the EU. At the scientific event, together with colleagues – research workers of the laboratory of galurgy of “NIOKHIM” State University – presented the topical topic “Desulfurization of flue gases of thermal power plants with the production of potassium-magnesium fertilizer.” Such cooperation is very important and necessary for the implementation, in particular, of the Directive 2010/75/EC on industrial emissions, and stimulates to work more inspired and more efficiently!