Round table on the exchange of experience in the field of environmental monitoring with the public organization “Ecogvalt”

On November 26, 2023, a round table was held with the participation of the Erasmus+ EU project team of the Jean Monnet Module: Monitoring of environmental objects in the context of European integration and representatives of the public organization Ecovault. Teachers who are part of the project team, project coordinator Olha Khatsevich – associate professor of the Department of Chemistry, candidate of technical sciences; Serhii Kurta – professor of the Department of Chemistry, Doctor of Technical Sciences; Sofiya Fedorchenko – associate professor of the Department of Chemistry, Ph.D.; Ihor Mykytin – associate professor of the Department of Chemistry, Ph.D. presented the project concept and outlined the main ways of cooperation. Representatives of “Ecogvalt” spoke about the state of environmental monitoring in the city of Kolomyia, and about their efforts aimed at improving the environment in the region of their responsibility. An agreement was reached on joint open lectures for the public in the city of Kolomyia.


The Public Organization “Ecogvalt” started its activities in 2016 and aims to spread the idea of waste sorting in the city of Kolomyia and is engaged in environmental education. Recently, the Organization has also been raising such important issues as the treatment of green areas, water pollution, and the transparency of the use of environmental program funds.

You can learn more about the public organization “Ecogvalt” on Instagram and on their website